A whitepaper based on proprietary Roostify platform data

COVID-19 has transformed the home lending industry—but the impact is not the same for everyone. When we look at our proprietary data for age, gender, income, location, loan type, and home type, a fascinating story emerges. 

However, this story is not a tragedy. Despite the hardships of the pandemic, the American homebuyer has been resilient. Previously under-represented groups are taking larger shares of the lending market. Stories of “the great diaspora” from urban areas may be overblown. Even those hit the hardest are still pursuing homeownership in record numbers.

In short, it’s a story of hope for the American homebuyer and new opportunities for the American home lender.


Just a few highlights...

      • Unique insights into the lending market: Our proprietary data shows a new perspective, questioning some leading industry observer reports.

      • Emerging demographic trends: Age, gender, income, location, loan type, and home type showcase recent trends and up-and-coming opportunities.

      • Recommendations for the future: How can these insights help you better your current lending operation? We’ll show you how.

New, proprietary insights into the current home lending market

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