Simplify your underwriting document management process

The Roostify Document Intelligence Service saves lenders measurable time, effort, and money.

Automate Your Document Management Process

Streamline the manually intensive document review process with verified data

The Roostify Document Intelligence Service is an API service purpose built for mortgage operations that automates document processing, document data extraction, and data validation. Powered by AI technology, it enables you to eliminate the “stare and compare” from the underwriting process through:

  • Document Classification: It will scan a document and identify if it is one of the supported document types and if it matches the document need

  • Data Extraction: When you specify the type of document you’re processing, it extracts the data contained in the document and returns it as human-readable, usable data.

  • Data Validation: It validates whether the extracted data from a document meets the criteria that you specify, quickly flags documents to be reviewed by borrowers at the moment of upload or highlight mismatches to your lending team.

The Document Intelligence Service streamlines the underwriting document review process—and it works for all mortgage providers, even if Roostify isn’t your mortgage tech partner.